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Nine Worlds Shirt

Nine Worlds Shirt

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Our Nine Worlds shirt is hand crafted in the USA, features a premium quality print that has been design by an authentic, independant artist. The fabric is lightweight, super breathable, and feels soft on your skin.

The Nine Worlds Shirt draws inspiration from Norse mythology's 9 realms. The artist, Blair used a mixed media approach to craft a sacred geometric diagram showcasing these realms, along with their runic names. Enveloped within the branches and roots of Yggdrasil, the Norse world tree, these realms accommodate a diverse array of beings—be they humans, deities, giants, or more. Among these realms are Niflheim, the misty realm; Muspelheim, the fiery domain; Asgard, abode of the Gods; Midgard, the human realm; Jotunheim, land of giants; Vanaheim, dwelling of the Vanir; Alfheim, home to light elves; Svartalfheim, the dwarf's realm; and Helheim, where the dishonorable departed reside.


  • 100% premium polyester, soft, tough, and lightweight, specially woven labels avoid irritating your skin. Breathable and moisture-wicking fabric. Anti-wrinkle, anti-shrink, and quick to dry. 
  • Never fades, peels, or cracks, sublimation-printed, not screen-printed, meaning you’ll enjoy incredibly vibrant, long-lasting colors and tones.
  • You’re wearing something meaningful designed by an authentic artist.


All Lunafide apparel is custom made to order in California, USA. Once your order is placed we start production within 24 Hours.

Every item is individually printed, cut, pressed and sewn according to your size and takes approximately 10 Business Days before shipment.

Once shipped, you will be sent a Fedex or USPS tracking number.

Worldwide Shipping: Shipping costs will be calculated upon checkout and you will be sent a tracking number via email once sent.

Returns: Domestic Returns are accepted within 30 days of delivery. We do not accept returns on international orders.

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We produce our clothing using a method called sublimation which ensures your products won’t ever crack, fade or peel.

Our clothing is made from premium 100% spun polyester which produces vibrant artwork while staying soft like cotton and wrinkle free.

We recommend cold hand washing your clothing separately from other items and inside out. Hang to dry and only tumble dry on low heat if absolutely necessary.

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Authentic Artwork: All our designs original and exclusive. Only available through

We Support Independent Artists: Smaller upcoming artists as well as the more established artists worldwide.

Proudly Handmade: All Lunafide clothing, including our Blankets are handcrafted to order in California, USA.

Satisfaction Guarantee: If you don't like what you have bought or it doesn't fit, send it back for in store credit to purchase something else.

24 Hours Response: If you have any questions, concerns or issues. Reach out to us via our social channels or email us at

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