Lunafide has The Best Men Boardshorts on the Internet!

What guy doesn’t love boardshorts? Whether it’s because of the fun print, the comfort or the effortless, summer loving look it gives the wearer, every guy just simply needs a pair, or two or five in their wardrobe! Men Boardshorts are a versatile garment which are usually lightweight, loose around the legs and fitted on the waist. They are usually made from Nylon or Polyester making them quick drying and moisture-wicking and therefore also considered swimwear.

Lunafide’sboard shorts for men were designed, while keeping their primary functions in mind. The light weight, quick drying and moisture-wicking fabric makes them perfect for swimming or other water sports like surfing while the ridiculously vibrant artwork, created by an independent artist, makes them insanely stylish. This means you can go from the beach to the bar without much thought or even an outfit change! Lunafide has a wonderful and diverse assortment ofmen’s board shorts, available in a wide variety of prints and themes. This coupled with a wide variety of sizes ensures that every guy will find their perfect pair, every time. 


Lunafide’sboardshorts for men come in a four-way stretch fabric that is moisture-wicking, breathable and quick drying. The stretch fabric moves with the body and the wearers active lifestyle. Making them not only insanely comfortable but functional too. The fabric is stitched together with a flatlock technique that ensures the seams are durable and tidy. 


Follow the Lunafide sizing-chart closely in order to find your perfect fitmen boardshorts. Proper fit is extremely important when it comes to boardshorts as it will enable the wearer to move and bend easily and for the wearer to be optimally comfortable.


Lunafide’sBoardshorts for men, have a specialized cross-weave waistband tie for the optimal fit and therefore ensure that the waistband sits securely but comfortably around the hips. 


Lunafide features two mens board shorts length variations, they have an 18 inch and a 22 inch option. This coupled with your perfect chosen size and design will give you the perfect personalised pair that is handcrafted in the USA specially just for you!

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