What should I do if my order was marked "Returned to Sender". Will I get another order shipped to me?

If your order is marked as Return to Sender, you need to report this to our Customer Support Team at info@lunafide.com and our Receiving division will reach out to you as soon as possible.

Where is my order made?

All of our orders are handcrafted in California, USA.

Why does it say "Unfulfilled" on my order?

Your order will reflect as unfulfilled when it is still in the production stage and has not been shipped yet. It usually takes 7-14 days for the production of an order.

How long will it take for my order(s) to be handcrafted?

Each panel is individually printed and hand-stitched together with the utmost care. Approximately 24 hours after your order is placed, each item is put into a waiting line where each panel is carefully printed and pressed with the latest sublimation printing technology.

The printed panels are then moved to the cutters where the panels are cut and heat pressed to ensure each panel is perfectly ready for hand sewing.

Once the panels are cut and pressed, these panels are moved to our sew houses where our seamstresses carefully stitch and fold our garments together.

Items are bundled into each separate order, packaged and shipped. The crafting time for orders is approximately 7-14 business days.

How is it my order made?

We use the latest sublimation printing techniques and high quality fabrics our print will never crack fade or peel.

Each panel that make up our clothing are individually printed using a dye sublimation printing technique, and are hand stitched together with professionalism and the utmost care.

What are your items made of?

We make sure that we use premium materials to provide you the best clothing experience possible. You may find the clothing description in each product.

Where can I find the sizing chart?

You may find our Size Guide on the right portion of the product page above the Add To Cart button.

Do your items fit true to size?

Our clothing fits true to size, however, our hoodies and joggers are slim fit so we recommend men/women who like a looser fitting style, to order one size up.

Delivery & Payments

Where can I find my invoice for my customs department?

Your order confirmation is sent to you via email shortly after you place your order with Lunafide. This will serve as your invoice. You may print it and show it to your post office/customs department.

If you are not able to locate your invoice in your mailbox, double-check that you entered your email address correctly into our systems when you placed the order and check your spam folder to make sure the invoice didn’t land up there.

If your post office is asking for additional documentation, you may contact us at info@lunafide.com for more assistance.

What payment methods do you accept?

Lunafide accepts almost all types of major credit and debit card payments, AfterPay, PayPal ApplePay etc.

How long does it take for order(s) to be delivered?

The times below are estimates and are after the handcrafting process of 7 - 14 business days. For US shipments: Orders take approximately 3 to 5 days to arrive, after the production period.

International shipments, approximately:

Australia / New Zealand and Canada 7 to 15 business days, after the production period. Germany / Netherlands / France and United Kingdom 5 to 15 business days, after the production period. To any other international destination shipping can take anywhere between 8 to 15 business days to arrive, after the production period, customs dependent.

If your order has not arrived within these approximate time frames, please ensure you reach out to your local post office asking them to launch an investigation into your missing package. You may contact us at info@lunafide.com with the case number and we will assist you further.

*Customs delays are possible and unavoidable from our end, if your customs office is slow or backed up particularly during the holidays, your package can take up to 180 days to arrive.

Why does it say delivered on USPS but I haven’t gotten anything?

If your tracking information reflects as delivered, but you have not received it yet, your order may be sitting at your post office.

Please contact your local postal service to locate your order and arrange delivery.

Which courier do you use for delivery?

Our standard shipping option is USPS for domestic orders. For international orders, you have the option to choose DHL express shipping, once the items arrive in the destination country your local postal service will take over.

How long does it take for my package to arrive?

Orders take approximately 3 to 5 days to arrive, after the crafting time.

Once it has shipped within the U.S. This can vary depending on the size of your package. You will receive a USPS / DHL tracking number in the shipment confirmation sent to you.

International Shipments:

Australia / New Zealand and Canada

Shipments take approximately 7 to 15 business days to arrive from the U.S.

Germany / Netherlands / France and the United Kingdom

Shipments take approximately 5 to 15 business days to arrive from the U.S.

To any other international destination

Shipping can take anywhere between 8 to 15 business days to arrive, customs dependent.

*Customs delays are possible and unavoidable from our end, if your customs office is slow or backed up particularly during the holidays, your package can take up to 180 days to arrive.

Ordering & Exchanges

Why did I only receive part of my order? Where are my other items?

There are instances when we send out your orders separately. Please send us an e-mail at info@lunafide.com to further assist you.

How do I place an order?

There are two ways where you can order. You can do what you feel more comfortable.

1 - Just choose your items by adding them to your online cart, proceed to check out and follow the steps.

2 - Create an account then follow step 1.

What happens once I've placed my order(s)?

Your order(s) are sent into production approximately 24 hours after you have placed your order where our team will begin with the handcrafting process.

Each panel of the garment is individually printed and hand-stitched together, our production time is approximately 7-14 business days.

Will I receive confirmation notifications?

You will receive 2 notifications - one order confirmation and one shipping confirmation. Your order confirmation is sent out once you have successfully placed your order.

Please make sure that the email address used to place your order(s) is an active / valid e-mail, if you have not received your order confirmation, check your junk or spam mail to ensure the email didn’t land up there.

The shipping confirmation is sent to you once your order is ready to be shipped. Kindly note that once you receive your shipping confirmation, it takes 24-72 hours for your tracking information to activate.

Can I make revisions to my order?

Yes, you can. However changes like sizing, color, and address can only be made within 24 hours of the order being placed. If you'd like to add or remove items from your order, please email us at info@lunafide.com and we will promptly assist you further.

I received a damaged order, what can I do?

Please send an email with a photo of the damaged item to: info@lunafide.com and we will get back to you.

I ordered the wrong size, can I have this exchanged?

We do not accept exchanges for sale items, swimwear and intimate pieces. Any clothing that is exchanged needs to be in an unworn, unused condition and not contain any odours.

Please request your exchange here: https://lunafide.com/a/returns

Shipping & Tracking

I’ve been checking on my tracking information and it says "Pre-Shipment", what does that mean?

When you receive your tracking information, expect the tracking information to reflect the ‘pre-shipment' status for 48-72 hours. Once our shipping partners collect the orders from our warehouse, the tracking information should start tracking. If your order is still reflecting as 'pre-shipment’ for longer than 72 hours, to better assist you, please contact us at info@lunafide.com.

How do I track my order?

Once your order has been shipped you will receive an email notification with a tracking number. You can track your order via the DHL or USPS website which will be included in your shipping confirmation email.

For international orders, tracking usually stops once your order has reached the destination country. You may need to contact your customs department or local post office to arrange a new local tracking number.

Why is my post office/ customs department asking me to pay tax? I thought I already paid for this?

The tax that you need to pay at your post office before collecting your order is the import duties.

Import duties differ per country and is usually determined by the local authorities. Customers are responsible for all import duties and taxes when ordering outside of the United States.

Why does it say 'Delivered" on USPS but I haven't gotten anything?

Make sure that the address added when you placed your order is the correct address shown. If it is, please contact your local postal service to locate your order. Your order may have been left with one of your family members or often a neighbour.

Lunafide is not liable in any way if the address added to your order is not your correct address. For further questions, please email us at info@lunafide.com

Why does it say "Held in Customs" on the USPS tracking site?

If you see this update, your item is most likely being held at your local customs office until your local customs fees are paid.

Please contact your local customs department immediately to retrieve your package.

My package is missing/ lost, what can I do?

U.S. Orders

If your tracking states that your package has been delivered but you have not received it or it is missing, it is your responsibility to contact your local USPS / DHL carrier to report the issue and once you have done so, email us the case number and we will work with you to resolve the issue.

International Orders

Once a USPS package arrives in the destination country and is processed through the facility, that is where our tracking ends. If the item is lost after this point, we are unable to offer any assistance and you should contact your local post office.

If your package has not arrived in your country, please contact us with your order number and tracking information and we will assist you further. You may contact us on info@lunafide.com

We will not refund any customer whose order did not arrive due to an incorrect shipping address provided to us.

How much is the shipping fee?

We offer USPS for domestic shipments that start at $3.95. DHL Express is offered for international shipments and shipping fees start at $9.95. All shipping costs depend on your location. It also depends on the number of items and types of items. Shipping fees are calculated during checkout.

Do you ship to my country?

Yes, we ship worldwide. However, there are some countries that have a high risk of orders not arriving due to the postal systems and customs department, some of those countries are:

Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa, UAE, Israel, Tunisia, Indonesia, Algeria, Portugal, Austria, Mexico, Sudan, Brazil, and Uganda.

There isn't any recent update on my tracking, what should I do?

If your tracking information has not updated for a few days, please contact info@lunafide.com

Make sure that you have checked with your local post office / customs department because the original tracking will no longer update once your order has reached the destination country. You may need to contact your customs or local post office to locate your package.

Cancellations, Changes & Refunds

I don't like what I have received, can I return it and ask for a refund?

We review each case individually and If you would like to request a return or exchange, please do so here -https://lunafide.com/a/returns

*Please note that there will be a restocking fee.

Can I cancel / change my order?

As a result of placing your order into crafting 24 hours after your order has been placed, We can only cancel your order within 24 hours of being placed.

Can I add a discount code in after I have placed my order?

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to override the system. Please make sure to apply the discount before checkout.

Fake Products & Copy Cats

I’ve ordered from a fake website, what can I do now?

If you have purchased through a fake website, you are likely a victim of fraud, you are most likely not going to receive the items, or sub par garments with stolen designs on them. We strongly advise that you contact your bank/payment method as soon as possible and arrange a refund for the counterfeit items you’ve bought.

Please report the website through the link above. We can then work to get this removed as soon as possible.

Can you refund me for my charge?

Unfortunately, these fake sites are not connected to Lunafide in any way. Regrettably, we’re unable to process a refund for you.

Our suggestion would be to contact your bank/payment method for more information on acquiring a refund.

Are my bank details at risk if I’ve ordered from a fake website?

If you are concerned, please raise them directly with your bank. We would advise you to follow their recommendations for keeping your account safe and secure. Please also be wary of any phishing email scams that you may potentially be susceptible too.

I’ve seen an advertisement on social media for a sale, is this real?

If we are running a sale, we will let you know about it across our social media channels but only through our verified accounts! Make sure you check that the account advertising a sale is our official, verified account before placing any orders.

I’ve been contacted through Instagram, was this you?

We may contact you through one of our verified accounts. If you're ever unsure who's contacted you, please reach out to our customer support team on info@lunafide.com and we'll find out for you. You can also report any fake advertisements on social media by clicking on the 3 dots at top right of the sponsored ad to report it to the social media platform directly. The more reports they receive, the better!

How do I know what a legitimate website is?

We don't sell our apparel through any other third party websites - only through the official www.lunafide.com website.

Always make sure to check the URL before ordering!

What are you doing to prevent this from happening?

We have a dedicated team of lawyers working to get all of the fake advertisements and fraudulent websites removed as quickly as possible.