Lunafide is an artist driven apparel company that was established in 2017 by a group of innovative individuals who have an immense passion for art and athleisure apparel. They realised that they could celebrate both their infatuations by making these two worlds collide, working with highly talented artists around the world and applying their incredible artwork onto clothing. This is where Lunafide's unique style of artist driven apparel was born.


Lunafide has commissioned artists that are located all around the world in order to create designs that are vividly rendered on each piece of their clothing. You will find these artist's names and social page handles within the product descriptions. Subscribe to the Lunafide email and like their social pages to stay updated on their latest artist collaborations and launches.


All artworks are authentic, original and exclusive to Lunafide. All clothing, including their blankets are handcrafted to order. Lunafide is proud of a less than 24 hour response time. Lunafide strives to guarantee 100% satisfaction. If they aren't living up to these promises, let us know by emailing info@lunafide.com



All of the products that Lunafide sells are made to order, this means that each product is unique to you due to all our clothing being hand stitched. This also limits wasteful manufacturing as Lunafide does not mass produce anything. Everything crafted is done so because someone shares the same passion that the Lunafide team has. From the very conceptual stages until way after each design is launched, the Lunafide team invests immense time and love into creating each and every collection.


Lunafide believes that every company selling goods or services for profit should be giving back in one way or another. Currently Lunafide supports artists by paying an upfront fee for designing the works shown on the Lunafide website. This ensures that whether the design sells or not, the artist will always be compensated for their efforts, and with your purchase this is how you are supporting an independent artist.

As Lunafide grows and evolves, they strive to continuously broaden their scope in supporting additional and current artists as well as give back to the many communities and organisations that Lunafide cares for. Want to get involved? Email kieren@lunafide.com with the subject line "Pick me".