Artwork Explained: Gungnir

Artwork Explained: Gungnir

In the light of us dropping the Gungnir apparel range inspired by Thor's trusted hammer shaped weapon just two weeks ago it was only fitting that we kept the theme of the powerful weapons of Norse Mythology going. This weeks exciting drop is inspired by another powerful weapon in Norse Mythology called Gungnir inspired by the All father Odin's trusted spear. 

As the ruler of Asgard's main weapon of choice Gungnir is an incredibly powerful  weapon and also a symbol of both authority and power. The mystical spear Gungnir was forged with Asgardian steel and was forged along with enchantments that only magnified the spear's power. There is another mythical tale that states that the spear was made for Odin by the dwarves using sunlight but the true origins of the spear will probably never be known due to myths being blurred and lost through time. (So I am sure you must be asking yourself which weapon was more powerful by now... was it Gungnir or was it Mjolnir? I guess we will never truly know but it is said that because Gungnir belonged to a king it was ultimately more powerful and superior to Mjölnir. ) 

The story Gungnir plays the most prominent role in was Odin's sacrifice. While the all knowing Odin, or the not completely all knowing Odin at the time, sat on his throne with his wife Frigg in Valhalla, looking out over all the nine realms. It struck him that he wanted to know everything and gain more knowledge & wisdom of all that was kept a secret from him or that he did not know about.

This desire is what caused Odin to make the biggest sacrifice one could possibly make, himself. Odin sacrificed his eye & tossed it into Mimir's well, he then threw himself on his trusted spear Gungnir and he then hung himself on the Norse Tree of Life, Yggdrasil for nine days and nights in order to gain knowledge and also to understand the runes.

The artwork featured on the front of the hoodies in this collection is a depiction of Odin ready for battle, sided by Gungnir and Fenrir. On the sleeves of this collection is a intricate depiction of 
Gungnir and on the back of the hoodies is a depiction of Odin's face reflected in Gungnir sided by a mirror image of Fenrir and more intricate artwork. 

We hope you love this range as much as we do. 

-Lunafide Team 💛

Gungnir Apparel Range
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