Copy Cats

Fake Websites - A Risky Business!

Buying from a fake website is a high risk, ZERO reward kind of thing. You can be sure that the items on these website’s to be poor quality and completely different to what you ordered, with way longer shipping waits and no return or refund options either - that is, if you even receive those items in the first place. And these aren't even the worst things that can happen when you purchase from a fake website.

Your data may fall into unsafe hands, including your banking details, where it can be misused or sold on the dark web. In addition, counterfeit items can be linked to organised crime - and can be produced by the trafficking and exploitation of people, through migrant smuggling and modern slavery, and linked to corruption and money laundering.

Counterfeiters will also not take into account the environmental issues of their production. Possible use of toxic dyes, chemicals disposed of unlawfully and unregulated air pollution, and unnecessary mass production are just a few examples of how counterfeiting can contribute to environmental pollution. 

So remember - avoid the fakes, and keep it real. Just by doing that, you're doing your bit.


You Can Only Buy OFFICIAL Lunafide Apparel At LUNAFIDE.COM


You have heard that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And while that is a nice way to put it - we have no time for fakes! So let's keep it real, authentic and supportive of our incredible artists. 

The copy cats are back, so please be extra cautious of the fake Lunafide advertisements, websites and social media accounts trying to make their way to you this season.

Counterfeiters have become incredibly skilled at making some convincing fake Lunafide advertisements, which, when clicked on, will direct you to a website claiming to sell bona fide Lunafide clothing.

These fake advertisements and sites not only mislead you into buying Fake products and rob our artists of the well deserved praise for their designs that they poured so much effort and time into, but in some instances, can also result in you falling victim to a financial scam.


The Official Guide to Spotting Fake Lunafide Advertisements, Websites’ & Social Media Accounts:

1) ON SOCIAL MEDIA: Our Official Handles.

Here is the official list of all of our official Social Pages: 

  • If you see an ad on social media from "Lunafide" but it is not associated with our official social handles - that's not us.
  • If you see an ad on social media that sells "Lunafide" items, but the listed URL preview isn't - that's not us.
  • If someone reaches out to you offering a "sponsorship deal" but they do not reach out to you from our official pages - that's not us.
  • Avoid: anything with errors - if an ad has odd formatting, strange or poor-quality images, or spelling/grammar mistakes, don't click on it.


  • If you see a Google ad for a "Lunafide Sale" or a site that sells "Lunafide" items, but the URL isn't - that's not us.
  • Avoid: websites which claim to be selling old collections, or items that are currently out of stock on

Accounts, pages and websites that claim to offer large-scale giveaways or discounts, are NOT regulated by ourselves unless verified on our social platforms, or on the website.

If you have placed an order through a fake Lunafide website, we suggest contacting your bank immediately to cancel your payment.

If you're ever unsure who's contacted you please, please reach out to us and we'll find out for you. Here's a few ways you can get in touch:

  • Via our wonderful Lunafide Official Customer Support Team on
  • DM us on one of our official social pages mentioned above.


How Can We Prevent These Fake Lunafide Accounts, Advertisements & Websites?

Whilst our superheroes (aka our Legal Team), are working their socks off reporting every fake Lunafide account they come across, step 1 is all about raising awareness of these fake ads, websites and social accounts, and understanding what you can do if Here at Lunafide, we work incredibly hard to ensure you always have the best possible experience - your safety will always be of the utmost importance to us.

So, if you come across a fake Lunafide account, or advertisement in any way, shape or form, we ask that you please, please report the account to the social media platforms in question and/or the police if you've provided any personal images and/or details.

When reporting a fake account, you may be asked to send over screenshots of the conversation, or evidence of the account, so make sure to keep a record of these!

Stay Safe, Lunafide Team.