Artwork Explained: Fate of the Gods

Artwork Explained: Fate of the Gods

Introducing the brand new Fate of the Gods apparel range. This range has been created exclusively for Lunafide by the insanely talented John John from @redwaterstudio. The striking and intricate Norse knot-work design featured on this apparel range is inspired by the prophecy of the Norse Mythology's version of the apocalypse, the Ragnarök. 

The Ragnarök is the catastrophic destructive end of the entire cosmos and absolutely everything in it. The prophecy states that not even the God's would survive the Ragnarök and therefore this design was named the Fate of the Gods.

Norse mythology is made up of smaller tales and myths all leading to the very last story, the Ragnarök. The prophecy of the Ragnarök influenced almost every tale in Norse mythology and had a big effect on how the vikings lived their lives. 

This particular design mainly illustrates and celebrates elements of the Ragnarök intertwined within the knot-work, one of the most notable figures in this knot-work design is Fenrir.

Fenrir the great and giant wolf who was the offspring of the trickster God Loki was prophesied to consume the sun and fight against the king of the Aesir Gods Odin and then swallow him whole. Then Odin's son Vidar would avenge the loss of Odin and stab the wolf in the heart. 

We hope you love this range just as much as we do! 

-Lunafide Team 💛

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