Festival Wear to Stand out in 2022

Festival Wear to Stand out in 2022

As the 2022 season returns, we’re amped to fire up our fresh Festival Wear Sale with 15% off on our daring apparel, designed by ingenious artists. 


It’s been two years of feverish withdrawals for festival goers, but now the events are so close, you can picture the tents, art installations, and outlandish attire resurfacing with vigor. 

Now is the time to ensure your unconventional outfit game is strong.  


Anything Goes Attitude 

As any subversive fashion enthusiast knows, when it comes to getting into the festive costume spirit - there are no rules.

But, where to begin? Well... Get pumped to discover our insanely vast collection of bold clothing items - with imaginative themes like Vikings, Mythology, Beasts, and Nature.

Forget where and what, valley, pasture, city or desert – Coachella, Glastonbury, Tomorrowland or Burning Man – anything goes at these extraordinary outdoor spectacles.

It all comes down to channeling your essence into a statement look that shouts, "This is me!"


Get pumped to discover... our imaginative themes like Vikings, Mythology, Beasts, and Nature.


As always, confidence is key to pulling off whatever personifies your genuine spirit. We know our range can stir up a storm of courage, strength, and ferocity to slay in any look you choose.

Whether it’s mandala designs, constellations, dragons or phoenixes that express your uniqueness, we’ve got what you need for one killer festive outfit.


Fearless Festival Wear Ideas

  • Forge your own destiny, unafraid of the fight, as Freya, Norse Goddess of love, battle, and death in our Freya range. Dominate in deep black with strong, swirling blood-red designs.
Check out our premium hand-crafted leggings and crop tops with striking, intricate designs - flexible and strong like you.
    • Take life by the horns and conquer your challenges with conviction, like a Viking Warrior or God - with our Odin, Thor, Loki or Ulfhednar ranges.
    • Immerse yourself in one of our fearsome cloaks or hooded blankets, with Norse-inspired artwork - the Nine Worlds, The Helm of Awe, Fenrir, and Yggdrasil.

    Just a few of our many ranges, with fascinating artwork inspired by ancient mythologies and mysteries 

    Dive into the deeper meaning behind our designs, like our Loki Range with our Artwork Explained blog posts.


      "Hypnotize onlookers with neon symmetric feathered designs encasing the glowing Goddess Aset at the epicenter."


      • Radiate Aset, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess with the power of magic and healing in one of our mesmerizing one-piece swimsuits or masterpieces, to be more accurate.
      • Hypnotize onlookers with neon symmetric feathered designs encasing the glowing Goddess, Aset at the epicenter. Descending into dimly lit multihued hieroglyphics, as though carved into mystic blackness. 
      Find an on point fit for your distinct character with our stellar selection of swimsuits
        • There are no battles or conditions that can rattle you to run, as you blaze a trail of intense gold and red, like Kali, the Hindu Goddess of time, doomsday, and death. 
        Throw on one of our premium sherpa-lined cloaks, like the Kali Cloak, with hoods for dramatic mysticism to turn heads.


          Radical Self-expression

          Pass into limitless, colorful realms of eccentricity – where all festive components collide into a supernova of creative brilliance. Embrace the mystic, the ancient, the futuristic, the galactic, the rustic – whatever speaks to your authentic self.

          This is no time to allow limits to constrain you, so take in every moment as you stamp your identity into festival history, with your image transformed as you wish.


          "Embrace the mystic, the ancient, the futuristic, the galactic, the rustic – whatever speaks to your authentic self."


          Outfit on point, prepare to enter alternate dimensions of music, art, and off-the-wall style, as you showcase your radical self-expression.


          Find a New Dimension

          Our sale on ornate, vivid art-driven designs includes swimsuits, tanks, crop tops, shirts, shorts, joggers, bomber jackets, sweaters, hoodies, cloaks, hooded blankets, and more. Even sherpa-lined blankets to combat the elements.

          Like all aspects of these luminous outdoor events, from the stars to the sun, you’ll light up the day and the night in Lunafide. 

          Shop our 15% Off Festival Wear Sale today.


          This is your season to stand out. 


          - Lunfide Team 🖤






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