Break Boundaries. Wear Lunafide.

Break Boundaries. Wear Lunafide.

Welcome to the new era of Lunafide.

Over the past few months we have poured our hearts and souls into creating a new look for Lunafide that truly reflects the evolution of our brand and what's most important to us; making you feel like you can do anything, wear anything, and be unapologetically you.

LF LogoMark 2022

Our goal is to create clothing that empowers you to break barriers and cross boundaries. Our artist-driven apparel is all about taking your unique style to the next level. The core of our new look is all about portraying the Lunafide spirit: be bold, be daring, be fearless, but most importantly, be you.


So here we are. The same name, the same epic artist driven apparel but with a brand new look and feel that truly represents our core values and who we are.

We are very serious about self expression and being able to confidently express and live out your passions and interests, along with this rebrand we will be pushing harder than ever to bring you designs and clothing that touches on your interest. Please drop your design suggestions in the comment block, we would love to hear what you want to see from Lunafide in 2023.Thanks for being with us on this crazy ride, we couldn't do it without our Lunafide family.

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I would love to see a design inspired by Mandelbulb fractals


I would love to see kilts,belts, and male corsets.


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