Black Friday: Battle of The Beings.

Black Friday: Battle of The Beings.

It's officially the month of November and we at Lunafide have been excitedly preparing for a battle of a lifetime. We can feel the tension building, this is going to be the ultimate clash. Grab your weapons, and fight for your collection. Who will reign as the supreme being at Lunafide? This is the Battle of The Beings!!!

This November Lunafide is putting our favourite design collections up against one another in order to see who will gain the title as being the reigning collection at Lunafide. In anticipation for Black Friday and in celebration of the Battle of The Beings Lunafide will be offering the most exciting discounts throughout the month of November!! Follow us on our social platforms and follow the announcements, stories and posts closely in order not to miss out on any of our awesome deals! 

Now to meet the contending tribes. 

The Viking Collection: The Rulers

The Vikings were people who originated from Scandinavia, they were particularly renowned Seamen and were famous for their abilities to sail extreme distances. Vikings were fearless and skilled fighters, who would enter battle with long Swords and Axes and fight until their last breaths. 

The Mythology Collection: The Magicians

Mythology is a folklore genre that consists of tales and beliefs that play a big role in society. The main characters in Mythology are usually made up of Gods, Demi-Gods and supernatural humans. Explore our Magical Mythology inspired ranges and be taken on an incredible journey to an unbelievable supernatural world.

The Nature Collection: The Creators

Nature is a powerful interconnected force and inspires and creates many stories and teachings. Our nature inspired ranges captivate the beauty of nature in all her glory, find your own wearable work of nature inspired art and showcase her quiet, calm strength.

The Beasts Collection: The Explorers

The world is filled with incredible beasts both great and small, these extraordinary creatures are each warriors in their own right. These creatures are so extraordinary in that they are made to survive, evolved to be uncanny hunters, cause fatality with a single tiny sting, and some are even equipped with fierce jaws that could crush bone. Explore our beast inspired ranges, made to showcase their beauty and lethal ferocity. 

The Polynesian Collection: The Lovers

Polynesian art and shapes visually interpret and express the hierarchy of life, belief, power and knowledge. These artworks usually interlock with three major themes including the concept of Mana and Tapu, community and prestige and genealogy... Fall in love with our Polynesian ranges and learn the incredible stories hidden within these intricate artworks. 

The Japanese Collection: The Heroes

Japanese art can be considered one of the world's greatest treasures and Japanese artists can truly be named the heroes of the art world as they have influenced art all around the world, across many generations and will continue to do so. Japanese artwork has an unmatched array of vibrant colour, lines, form, shape and depictions. Take a journey through time to a world where Samurai’s were the heroes, where beautiful Geisha’s danced freely and a world where tigers and dragons roamed free. 

Which is your favourite collection and who will you be supporting this month of November?! Let the battle begin!

-Lunafide Team <3

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Vikings no doubt ! =)



Venetia Simchowitz

Dude!!!! The Beast Collection is going to look so awesome mazing. This alpha wolf is so totally looking forward to seeing this awesome mazing beautiful collection!!!

Angela Lester

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