Artwork Explained: Wolfbear

Artwork Explained: Wolfbear

This week we launched the all new Wolfbear collection. The vibrant artwork featured in this collection is unique and colourful while also celebrating incredible creatures that can not be tamed through a hybrid, Wolf/bear. This artwork was created by Joe Tamponi who can be found on instagram @joetamponi.

Joe has created a few designs for us and they are always colourful, creative and bold. Some of the other collections include The Kraken, KrakenChrysaora, The Lone Wolf, Crouching Tiger and The Samurai. Joe is an Italian designer who has a passion for Skateboarding, punk rock and small waves. He has a unique style as an artist that gives him the ability to play with colour, fine detail, light and spacing. He uses colour and light in a creative way that gives his artwork pops of light and a glowing effect, much like the Wolfbear's eyes in the Wolfbear collection. 

The Wolfbear artwork features a Wolf/bear design. The Hybrid animal has features of both a Lone Wolf and a Bear. The purpose of the Wolfbear is to celebrate the beauty behind these Wild animals who can not be tamed and who often live in solitude but still manage to thrive in the wild. The animal has a feral snarl on it's face with it's teeth exposed and the eery glowing eyes which further showcases the ferocity and the wildness of the creature. The background of the artwork features Tribal designs to further celebrate the legend behind the Wolfbear.  

We hope you love this design just as much as we do, we can't wait to bring you more amazing designs very soon!

-Lunafide Team <3

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