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Artwork Explained: War Raven

This week we launched the breathtaking new range the Norse Mythology inspired War Raven collection. This collection is inspired by the special relationship between Ravens, the Vikings and Norse Mythology. 

Ravens are an incredibly iconic and magical creature in the Viking world. Ravens were a powerful symbol of war and ravens were also believed to be the eyes and ears of the chief Aesir god, Odin. Discover more about the meaning of the artwork in this collection below. 

Huginn and Muninn are a pair of Ravens that would fly all over Midgard (better known today as Earth) and all the nine realms. Each day Huginn and Muninn would come and bring back important information to Odin.

Odin surveys the world from Hlidskjalf which is his special high seat that allows him to see all that is happening in the nine realms. In the evenings, Huginn and Muninn return to Odin’s shoulders and during dinner in Valhalla, they whisper all they have seen and heard in his ears.

Huginn and Muninn are not average birds, they have the ability to fly through all nine realms in one day and still manage to arrive in time for Odin's dinner in the evening.

They also understand and speak human languages and are extremely wise and have amazing observation skills. Huginn is said to represent thought while Muninn represents memory.  

Get your War Raven gear today!! We really hope you love this collection and artwork just as much as we do.

-Lunafide Team 💛

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