Artwork Explained: Vortex

Artwork Explained: Vortex

This week we are dropping the absolutely incredible Vortex apparel range. We have been excited to drop a graphic surrealism piece for a while now and we were super excited when we met the talented Viet Anh who designed this mesmerising work of wearable art. Let's explore the surrealism art space, and the story that inspired this design. 

Surrealism is often described as the most influential art movements of the twentieth century. From mind boggling tidbits and things being displayed simply where it should not, often always have a hidden meaning which is usually a play on human nature, desire and how the mind works. Surrealist artists create a dreamlike state of mind while awake, and express it through their art. 

For example this surreal piece of artwork has a play on an aspiring astronaut. This astronaut has been dreaming and desiring space travel for his whole life, he eats, sleeps and breathes space travel.

He is depicted to be coming out of a portal and has arrived in space and is being sucked into a vortex or black hole, but yet his demeanour and body language is calm and inquisitive as this is what he desires, instead of being terrified of being sucked into the unknown of a black hole and he welcomes it.

This is true for many careers and facets of life, something sucks you into a vortex of the unknown but if it's something you desire sometimes you don't care to think of the danger or what you are leaving behind, you simply welcome the unknown and allow it to consume you. 

We hope you love this piece just as much as we do! We can't wait to bring you so many more show stopping designs! 

-Lunafide Team <3

Vortex Gallery Image
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