Artwork Explained: Valkyries of Valhalla

Artwork Explained: Valkyries of Valhalla

Step into the realm of Norse mythology as we proudly present our latest creation: the Valkyries of Valhalla range. Inspired by the awe-inspiring Valkyries of ancient lore, this collection embodies the valor, grace, and mystique of these legendary warriors.

At the heart of this collection lies the front artwork—a majestic winged Valkyrie symbol. With wings outstretched and spear in hand, the Valkyrie stands as a beacon of strength and guidance, ready to usher fallen heroes to their rightful place in Valhalla. The intricate details of the symbol capture the essence of these divine maidens, weaving together tales of bravery and honor.

Delve deeper into the symbolism with the sleeve artwork—an intricate knot-work symbol inspired by the Valkyries themselves. Etched with ancient runes, this symbol serves as a reminder of the sacred duty entrusted to these mythical beings. Each rune whispers of battles fought and souls chosen, carrying the weight of destiny on ethereal wings.

But the true enchantment lies in the back artwork—a hidden female face woven seamlessly into knot-work style, depicting the essence of a Valkyrie. Her gaze is one of wisdom and foresight, her presence a testament to the divine feminine within Norse mythology. As you unravel the intricacies of the knot-work, you uncover the mysteries of the Valkyrie's realm, where mortal and immortal worlds converge.

As you don the garments from the Valkyries of Valhalla range, you embody the spirit of these legendary warriors. Each thread is infused with the echoes of battle cries and the whispers of the wind, carrying you on a journey through the realms of myth and legend.

We hope you love this range as much as we do! 

- Lunafide Team 🖤

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