Artwork Explained: Valkyrie

Artwork Explained: Valkyrie

This week we will be unveiling the deeper meaning behind the artwork celebrated through the Norse inspired Valkyrie apparel range. The artwork featured on this apparel range is powerful, fierce and channels the powerful female figures through history and Norse mythology and literature including the Valkyrie's and the brave female viking warriors, Shield Maidens. This collection comes in two Norse inspired color ways including Lead and Ocean. 

The name Valkyrie means "Choosers of the fallen." Valkyries were Goddesses of war and helpers of the God Odin and the Goddess Freya. Valkyries were said to have the power to choose who dies in battle and took the fallen warriors to Valhalla after they would fall in battle. Valkyries are essentially said to be Angels of death. Valkyries are frequently associated with birds in Norse art and this is due to the part that birds play in death and processing the remains of the fallen warriors.

Viking shield maidens on the other hand were woman who always lived their lives in pursuit of battle. They would disguise themselves as men in order to enter battle and chose a life of war rather than bearing children or keeping the fields and homes of the Vikings. These vicious shield maidens “offered war rather than kisses” and “assailed men with their spears whom they could have melted with their looks.”

On the front of the front of the tops in the Valkyrie collection and depicted on the blankets is a Shield baring the viking Symbol of a Shield Maiden. In the center of the shield is a Valknut symbol which involves three interlocking triangles. This symbol means the knot of the slain warriors and represents the warriors the shield maidens would slay and the Valkyries which took these slain warriors to Valhalla. The shield is surrounded by a pair of outstretched wings which related to the Valkyries association with birds. On the back of the tops and on the bottoms is a Knot work artwork piece symbolising the shield maidens and Valkyries allegiance to Odin and another Valknut symbol can be seen surrounded by Norse ruins or secrets. 

We hope you love this collection just as much as we do, we can't wait to bring you more unreal designs!

-Lunafide Team <3

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