Artwork Explained: Unite

Artwork Explained: Unite

Introducing the brand new Scythian inspired Unite apparel range designed by the insanely talented Hawel Havelka let's explore the inspiration and the artist behind this incredible and meaningful design. 

Before we jump into the inspiration and meaning behind the artwork, let's introduce the artist. Hawel also known as @Baba_jaga_atelier, is the talented artist behind the Unite Apparel Range. Hawel resides in the heart of Europe in the Eastern parts of the Czech Republic.

Hawel states that even as a very young child he has always had a love for all things Medieval and fantasy and started drawing a lot based on these themes from a very young age. Then Hawel discovered the local punk rock scene and fell head over heels in love with tattoos. So now as an adult Hawel is taking all of the interests and talents he developed as a kid and working with his love of nature, the environment, fantasy, folklore and history to create artworks that he would be proud to tattoo even on his own body.

Hawel states that he personally thinks the very best tattoos are black and bold because they are timeless and will last forever and therefore tries to create works of art that are universal and timeless. Hawel also told us that he hopes to succeed and really make a big impact on the art scene one day and we have no doubt that he will with his passion, talent and wonderful positive attitude! We are routing for him!
Hawel's main thought and inspiration behind the design is about uniting and growing together. This is the reason why he chose animals of all different sizes (ages) running together in a pack. Hawel states that he chose a Scythian style design concept with some ornamental enhancements and element from his local region. Hawel feels that the Scythian style is incredibly beautiful but is often overshadowed by Norse styled designs. In Hawel's own words: "Unite and win, or unite and grow. In these times… in all times it’s important to bond together, to unite and grow and survive as pack. The design is all about bonding, uniting coming together and  then prospering as group." 

We hope you love this design just as much as we do! 

- Lunafide Team 💛 

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