Artwork Explained: Trojan

Artwork Explained: Trojan

This week we are launching Trojan, a Greek Mythology inspired apparel range. This range wonderfully captures the elements of the Trojan war and the fantastical story about how the Greeks were able to gain access to a whole city in an extraordinary work of wearable art. With this blog we will explore the story that resulted in the creation of the artwork featured on this apparel range.

The Trojan horse that is featured on the forefront of this range, was a gigantic horse crafted from wood and constructed by the Greeks in order to gain entrance into the city of Troy during the Trojan war. The Giant hollow horse was constructed by the Mythological soldier and master carpenter, Epeius. 

The Greeks pretended that they had deserted the war and sailed to a nearby island and left behind Sinon. Sinon convinced the Trojans that the horse was an offering to the Greek Goddess of war, Athena. Although there were warnings against this, the Trojans decided to take the Horse into the city. 

That evening Greek warriors emerged from the horse and opened the gates in order to let the entire Greek army in and ultimately allowed the Greeks to win the war and take charge of the city and ultimately end the war that had dragged on for 10 whole years. 

Through the detailed artwork featured on this range you can see depictions of the Greeks taking charge of the city and also of the legendary Trojan Horse. We have always loved this story and we are so stoked that the insanely talented artist Pyros was able to bring it to life. 

We hope you love this range as much as we do. 

- Lunafide Team 💛

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