Artwork Explained: Tree of Wisdom

Artwork Explained: Tree of Wisdom

This week we are dropping the Tree of Wisdom apparel range. Inspired by the story of Odin's self-sacrifice in the quest for knowledge that we will explore below. The magnificent artwork showcased on this apparel range was created by the talented @ilcorvoart, let's start off this blog by learning more about the artist behind the Tree of Wisdom apparel range. 

"It's difficult to describe exactly what I do because I love to change and experiment on new things: My journey started off as a self-taught cartography illustrator and with learning simple 3D modeling skills; I have now worked on book illustrations, video-games, tabletop games and minis, 3D modeling and printing, linocut and wood carving, cosplay and a lot more!

Despite my love for the steampunk and cyberpunk genres, my main inspiration has always been Norse mythology, Wiccan magic and above all the horror stories of Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft and Edward Gorey. With all those key elements in mind, I like to try and hide as many details as I possibly can in my illustrations in order to create something that tells a story."- Corvo

The story that inspired this apparel range: 

While the all knowing Odin, or the not completely all knowing Odin at the time, sat on his throne with his wife Frigg in Valhalla, looking out over all the nine realms. It struck him that he wanted to know everything and gain more knowledge & wisdom of all that was kept a secret from him or that he did not know about. This desire is what caused Odin to make the biggest sacrifice one could possibly make, himself. 

Odin sacrificed his eye & tossed it into Mimir's well, he then threw himself on his spear (This spear can be seen on the sleeves of this apparel range), and he then hung himself on the Norse Tree of Life, Yggdrasil (This artwork can be seen on the back of the tops in this range.) for nine days and nights in order to gain knowledge and also to understand the runes.

Depicted on the front of the tops in this apparel range is a depiction of Odin's raven Muninn who is closely related to Odin and a Valknut symbol that consists of 3 interlocking triangles which represents fertility, rebirth and reincarnation. 

We hope you love this range just as much as we do! We can't wait to bring you many more show stopping designs.

-Lunafide Team <3

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I would buy this in men’s and woman’s….probably a blanket too. Great design!!

Felicia Barker

Definitely like your products

Patrick Soroka

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