Artwork Explained: Tree of Life

Artwork Explained: Tree of Life

This week we are launching the intricate Tree of Life apparel range, Inspired by the Celtic Tree of life. The tree of life that inspired this wearable work of art has an extremely fascinating meaning that we will explore in this blog. The design features intricate knotwork patterns that come together to curate this beautiful design and features a true Celtic colour palette in green and gold. Let's explore and discover the story behind the fascinating Tree of Life apparel range. 

Celtic art was almost always made up of some sort of interwoven patterns and knotwork; it is said that these knots are complete loops that have no end and no beginning and could be said to represent eternity whether this means loyalty, faith, friendship or love. Only one thread is used in each design which symbolises how life and eternity are interconnected. These complex designs are used decoratively on a variety of items including, monuments, jewellery, plates, mugs, clothing and even cutlery.

The Celtic Tree of Life symbolises the harmony and balance of the forces of nature coming together. The branches of the tree of life reach high up in the sky and the roots of the tree of life reaches deep, deep down into the earth, which represents the link between heaven and earth and also the body and mind. The Tree of Life also showcases the continuous cycle of life and rebirth because the tree loses all of its leaves in winter and then blooms, blossoms and grows leaves with the arrival of warmer weather.

In Celtic culture it was also believed that the Tree of life as a symbol stands for wisdom, strength and a long life. Finally maybe the most interesting fact of all is that the Celts believed that trees were ancestors of mankind and therefore trees are considered sacred and are a direct connection to the spirit world. 

We hope you love this wearable work of art just as much as we do, you could get lost in the details of this design for hours! We can't wait to bring you so many more show stopping designs. 

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Artwork is absolutely amazing. It is so very beautiful. I love the storys that are with each piece.


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