Artwork Explained: Thor.

Artwork Explained: Thor.

This week we launched the all new Thor apparel range. This collection is inspired by Thor the mighty old Norse God of Thunder and lightning. The artist Matt Greenway who is a Celtic and Norse inspired illustrator who can be found on instagram @thesaxonstoryteller. Matt beautifully brought the artwork to life using intricate Norse knotwork and dotwork in order to tell a story. 

The story of the Thor apparel range will be found hidden in the Motifs of this clean and dynamic design. The over all design concept is inspired by the Norse God Thor. Thor was considered to be the physically strongest God of all of the Norse Gods or in correct Norse terminology the strongest in the Aesir which is a collective term, referring to the Norse Gods who ruled over all the realms and Mortals in Asgard. Thor is the son of Odin and the Earth Goddess Jord. It is believed that Thor's popularity even surpassed his father Odin who was King of the Norse Gods and was known to be a likeable character and a protector of the mortals and Gods alike. 

The artwork depicted on the front of the shirts, hoodies, blankets and sweatshirts in this collection is a depiction of Thor's powerful hammer-weapon called Mjölnir. Mjölnir is depicted in Norse mythology as one of the most fearsome and powerful weapons in existence which is even capable of levelling mountains. The artwork found on the sleeves of the tops and on the shorts, joggers and leggings is a norse serpent shield, which was ever present on the shields of the vikings and suggesting the strength and protection of Thor was ever present with them in battle. The artwork found on the hooded blankets and on the back of the tops is a depiction of Odin's ravens, Huginn and Muninn embracing Thors hammer Mjölnir, surrounded by Norse knot work and spears, suggesting the favour and presence of Odin and Thor with the Vikings in battle.

The artist, Matt Greenway say's that he has always been fascinated by Anglo Saxon history. He originally started drawing for fun and started getting into drawing Norse and Celtic designs along the way. Matt incredibly only started drawing in the beginning of 2019 and say's that he has been very fortunate to be well received and has gotten the opportunity to work with some great people. We know that this is not just luck though, Matt is a truly talented artist and we know that he has a bright future ahead of him! Thor is not the first design he has created for Lunafide, be sure to check out the other incredible collection he created for us the Odin's eye apparel range.

We really hope you love this collection just as much as we do!

-Lunafide Team <3 

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