Artwork Explained: The Fu dog

Artwork Explained: The Fu dog

Introducing the expressive, Chinese inspired Fu dog apparel range, created exclusively for Lunafide by the talented Diego Murcia. Diego is an extremely talented and diverse artist and really put immense effort and detail into the incredible artwork featured on this apparel range. The artwork is not only satisfying to the eye but is also filled with so much meaning. Let's dive in and discover what makes this range special! 

The Chinese fu dog is an ancient symbol that is supposed to depict a lion, but appears more like a stylized dog, particularly a chow chow. Since lions aren't found in China, the stylized statues are more relatable to a canine, hence the name Fu dogs. Fu dogs also known as Imperial Guardian Lions were usually placed in front of Imperial palaces, temples, and government offices. They are also a Traditional Feng Shui symbol of family wealth and prosperity and were often placed in front of wealthy homes.

The mythology that evolved around the fu dog revered the creatures as the ancient mystical protectors of heaven. Fu dogs are believed to be so fierce that they scare off all malevolent spirits and prevent them from entering the kingdom of heaven. A pair of fu dogs guards the entrances to Chinese palaces, temples, garden gates and any place considered important or sacred is usually protected by a pair of fu dogs, one female and one male.

The back of the Hoodies, Sweaters, Shirts and blankets features a depiction of a male Fu dog, t
he male fu dog is depicted with his paw on top of a ball. Some depictions refer to this as a globe. It symbolizes the male fu dog's control over circumstances and how it effects your own private world. On the front of the Hoodies, Sweaters and Shirts there is a depiction of the fierce head of a Fu dog. On the sleeves of the collection are two side by side Fu dogs representing the male and Female Fu dog. 

With the Fu dog apparel range you will always have good fortune! We can't wait to bring you so many more amazing designs!

-Lunafide Team <3

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