Artwork Explained: Tanngrisnir

Artwork Explained: Tanngrisnir

Introducing the freshly dropped Tanngrisnir apparel range, this incredible range of wearable art features the most extraordinary artwork designed exclusively for Lunafide by the incredibly talented @artofkarolmichalec. The artwork showcased in this range is inspired by Thor's two mystical goats, let's now explore the meaning and the story behind the design!

In Norse mythology Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr which  can be directly translated as teeth-barer and teeth-grinder are Thor’s two goat companions. These goats pull his Thor's chariot across the sky and bring Thor and anyone who accompanies him to any place in all of the nine realms.

Thor's arrival is always announced because when the chariot is pulled through the sky lightning erupts from it's wheels and thunder can be heard and seen from far and wide. Although they are Thor's trusty companions, if no other food can be found they can be slaughtered and eaten and then the goats can be revived so long as none of their bones are broken they will be in perfect health.

One might wonder why Thor chose goats to pull his chariot, well this can easily be explained by the fact that Scandinavian goats seem to be more muscular and powerful than other goats. These goats were magical and powerful and an outward reflection of their owner Thor's strength. 

Explore the incredible detail and Norse ruins depicted on the Tanngrisnir apparel range! We can't wait to bring you so many more show stopping designs! 

-Lunafide Team <3

Tanngrisnir Artwork Gallery

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Man this is such a cool design, coot it as a hooded blanket but would have gotten it as cloak if i could!


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