Artwork Explained: Supernova

Artwork Explained: Supernova

This week we are dropping the magical Supernova apparel range. This range is made up of magical colours, details, depths and symmetry that makes it hard to believe this magical artwork is drawn by hand! Designed by the talented Sophie Zendoodles with her uncanny ability to curate cosmic patterns and mesmerising mandalas that will make your "eye's smile". This artwork has been created by hand with a hand drawn marker mandala surrounded by a splattered oil paint background.

The literal meaning of the word Mandala is circle and circles have many sacred meanings across many cultures and even religions. Mandalas were created as an artistic expression to symbolise the relationship between the universe and spirit. Today Mandalas are primarily used as a tool in meditation and are believed to be a helpful tool in silencing thoughts and bettering focus and therefore helping to combat stress and anxiety.

This particular sacred geometry style is a Flower of life inspired mandala. This mandala features a complex geometric design where many overlapping shapes are arranged in the appearance of "flower petals". This mandala style is said to have originated in Northern Africa, Mesopotamia and even ancient Egypt.

The meaning of the Flower of Life mandala style is said to be considered a sacred geometric shape that promotes focus and concentration during meditation by eliminating distractions. Modern artists and spiritual healers say that this shape is considered a powerful tool for spiritual growth. Put simply the flower represents the existence of all creation in the universe, thus making it a symbol of enlightenment and enhanced spiritual awakening. 

We hope you love this collection just as much as we do, it truly is a work of wearable, happy and calming art! Don't forget to drop your thoughts on this beautiful collection in the comments section.

-Lunafide Team <3

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