Artwork Explained: Stag of Valhalla

Artwork Explained: Stag of Valhalla

This week we are super excited to be releasing yet another marvellous work of wearable art, the Stag of Valhalla apparel range, inspired by the magnificent stag which stood upon Valhalla, Eikthyrnir. This extraordinary work of wearable art features a Norse knot-work style design created by the insanely talented @thesaxonstoryteller. Let's learn more about the artist and story behind the Stag of Valhalla apparel range. 

The Saxon Storyteller is an illustrator and artist renowned for his incredibly unique talent to capture characters from inspiration taken from artefacts and historical figures in an artistic form. His artwork is mostly based on Folklore, Viking and Saxon mythology. You may also recognise The Saxon Story Teller's artwork from the Nordic Mythology podcast of which he is the main illustrator. 

Stag symbolism is of central importance in Norse mythology. According to Norse mythology Eikthyrnir was the giant stag who perched upon Valhalla. In Norse mythology, Valhalla was a magnificent and great hall located in Asgard, ruled by the all father God, Odin.

The name Eikthyrnir comes from the words thorn and oak. It was told that Eikthyrnir would nibble on the Norse tree of life Yggdrasil's leaves and in turn from eating these magical leaves, water would flow from Eikthyrnir's antlers and it is said that this water created the monumental rivers in all the nine realms. Eikthrnir is displayed on the front and the back on the hoodies in this collection. 

On the sleeves, on the hoodies of this collection is a depiction of Heidrun. Heidrun was a female goat who also resided on top of Valhalla along with Eikthyrnir. She would eat the leaves and foliage of the Norse tree Læraðr and in turn lactate the mead that would be consumed in Valhalla. 

We hope you love this new range just as much as we do! 

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-Lunafide Team 💛

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Been digging your designs and comfortable shirts for some time and about to place my third order. Glad to pass on Lunafide name a few times to random people askin…and maybe I’ll tag myself later with a pic #Lunafide so you can see how awesome I Look. 😏SkåL!

Keith Ilaug

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