Artwork Explained: Sol

Artwork Explained: Sol

Introducing the eerie, mysterious and exceptionally captivating Sol apparel range. Inspired by the importance of the sun and the beauty and mysticism behind bind runes!  

In Norse mythology, the sun goddess was known as Sol. It was told that every day she would drive her chariot across the skies, pulled by her two trusted steeds named Arvak and Alsvid in order to guide the sun across the sky. Each day she would be pursued by a wolf either Sköll or Fenrir who wanted to devour her. Norse prophecy said that Sköll will finally catch up with Sol and devour her and when this happens she would be replaced by her daughter in the task of guiding the Sun. 

Bind Runes are a combination of two or more runes put together in order to create a sigil, talisman, charm or token. Bind-runes occurred intermittently throughout runic writings, however it was mostly prevalent in Norse writings and rarely so in Anglo-Saxon ones. The usual purpose was to abbreviate writing but in some cases it was used to hide what was written. Initially used during the Viking age on Norse gravestones it gradually faded out of use along with all other runic writing, except in Iceland where the tradition continued. 

This work of wearable art was created by the talent Pyros, Learn more about him below. 

I am extremely fascinated with culture, history, art and occult symbolism and their relationship with art. It was this fascination and passion that drove me to studying theology and also fine art. I make sure that every work of art that I create is inspired by a mythological story, character or symbol that intrigues and inspires me. I spend most of my time researching and planning designs through reading mythological history books and articles in order to understand the story from many different perspectives and create art that brings the story to life. I consider myself a unique person with a complex personality.

We hope you love this range as much as we do! 

- Lunafide Team 🖤

Sol Limited Edition Gallery Image
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