Artwork Explained: Skoll & Hati

Artwork Explained: Skoll & Hati

This week we are super excited to be releasing yet another incredible work of wearable art, the Skoll & Hati apparel range, inspired by the most fascinating wolves in Norse Mythology. This extraordinary work of wearable art features a Norse knot-work style design created by the insanely talented @thesaxonstoryteller. Let's learn more about the artist and story behind our latest range. 

The Saxon Storyteller is an illustrator and artist renowned for his incredibly unique talent to capture characters from inspiration taken from artefacts and historical figures in an artistic form. His artwork is mostly based on Folklore, Viking and Saxon mythology. You may also recognise The Saxon Story Teller's artwork from the Nordic Mythology podcast of which he is the main illustrator.

Skoll whose name means the one who mocks and Hati whose name means the one who hates, are a giant wolf duo originating from Norse Mythology. Skoll and Hati's parents happened to be the Terrifying Fenrir and a giant named Lanvidia. The wolf Skoll is said to chase the sun across the sky and Hati chases the moon. Does this sound familiar? Think of the sun rising and setting.

Each day the wolves would come close to catching the sun and the moon and each day they would fail. However it is prophesied that eventually the wolves would catch and devour the sun and the moon and when this happened it will signal the apocalypse in Norse Mythology called the Ragnarök. 

This incredible range depicts the giant and fearsome wolves in their desperate pursuit of the sun and moon. Skoll chasing the gold sun symbol and Hati chasing the grey moon symbol. 

We hope you love this range as much as we do! 

-Lunafide Team 💛

Skoll & Hati Gallery Image


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