Artwork Explained: Skadi

Artwork Explained: Skadi

This week we launched the eerie and captivating Norse inspired Skadi apparel range. This collection has been created exclusively for Lunafide by Miljenko Šipuš. Miljenko is an extremely talented artist who has a knack for intricate knotwork and for creating designs that look and feel three dimensional with incredible detail and depth, this design so beautifully captures this mysterious Norse Goddess and Miljenko truly brought yet another mythological tale to life through art.

Skadi is a goddess of the wilderness who is closely related with winter, she was known to hunt in the mountains on her skis. Skadi's father was the giant Thiazi. Although Skadi was a giantess she was accepted by the Aesir Gods when she chose to marry the sea god Njord. Skadi wanted to avenge her fathers death and decided to fight the Gods and attack them in Asgard.

The Gods wanted to ease her anger and decided to give her the choice to marry one of the Aesir Gods, the only trick was that she had to choose a God by looking at only their feet. Skadi thought she chose the handsome God Balder but she actually chose the Sea God Njörd.

Ultimately it was a failure because Njörd did not like the cold and the darkness in the mountains and Skadi did not enjoy the bright light and noisy seashore where Njörd lived, so they parted ways. 

In some Norse versions of the mythological tale, Skadi was known as the goddess of snowshoes and another tale states that Skadi much later married Odin and gave him sons. Skadi is a mysterious Giantess turned Goddess but one thing remains true she was said to be a benevolent Goddess who was an incredible huntress, and her bow, snowshoes and skis were her most prized possessions.

We hope you love this range just as much as we do! 

- Lunafide Team 💛

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