Artwork Explained: Serpent Warrior

Artwork Explained: Serpent Warrior

We are so excited to be launching our first design for the new year of 2021. This range features the most incredible patterns, shapes and colours that tell an incredible mythological tale about a Feathered Serpent God known to the Ancient Aztecs as Quetzalcoatl. Let us explore the meaning and inspiration behind the incredible, brand new Serpent Warrior apparel range

Quetzalcoatl is a name that richly echoes throughout Mesoamerican mythology and culture. Some even say that this Feathered Serpent is the most renowned God of all in Aztec mythology. Quetzalcoatl was considered an Ancestor God that curated the lineage of many Mesoamerican groups and the curator of mankind. 

Quetzalcoatl is widely depicted in Mesoamerican arts and sculptures. He is depicted in many different forms and his appearance changes dramatically from one depiction to the next. In the sculptures decorating temples throughout Mexico he is mainly depicted as a plumed Serpent, he was also sometimes depicted with feathers. This variation can be seen side by side positioned over the shoulders on the tops in this range.

In Codices he was depicted with more human features, wearing a duckbill mask, with fangs and shell jewellery. This depiction can be seen on the sleeves in this collection. Sometimes he had a more menacing appearance which features a black mask, an elaborate headdress and a weapon. This depiction of Quetzalcoatl can be seen on the centre back on the tops in this apparel range. 

There is so much detail and interesting depictions to discover in this incredible apparel range, explore the magnificent imagery and details that so beautifully celebrates Aztec art and mythology! We can't wait to bring you so many more show-stopping designs! Be sure to check out our other Aztec inspired designs including the Eagle Warrior and Jaguar Warrior apparel ranges. 

-Lunafide Team <3

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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Curious as to why the artist for any of your Aztec-inspired art is never listed. Would love to see some of their other art as well.


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