Artwork Explained: Ryū

Artwork Explained: Ryū

The all new Japanese inspired Ryu Limited apparel range is dropping on Lunafide this week! This vibrant red limited edition NeoJapanese design was designed exclusively for Lunafide by the very talented HALnoHANA.

Halnohana was born in Aomori-Ken and now resides in Osaka, she passes her time doing what she loves, making art and breathing modern Japanese color, vibrance and style into traditional Japanese concepts such as Koi, Geishas, Dragons, Serpents and more. Let's explore the story behind this wearable work of art and the mythical creatures that inspired it. 

Japanese dragons are known as Ryū who are mythical creatures that have been prominent in Japanese cultural mythology for hundreds of years and are considered to be protectors of mankind!

Ryū are big, terrifying and fantastic serpent-like creatures similar to Dragons. However unlike the dragons that we know these dragons do not have wings but rather have legs with claws and they are said to reside in the ocean, the heavens or in the clouds. Japanese dragons or Ryū represent wisdom, supernatural power, freedom, balance and also good luck. 

We hope you love this incredible apparel range just as much as we do! We can't wait to bring you so many more show stopping designs! 

-Lunafide Team 💛

Ryu Limited Edition Gallery Image
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