Artwork Explained: Runes of Thor

Artwork Explained: Runes of Thor

This week we will be unveiling and celebrating the Norse inspired Runes of Thor and the Runes of Thor- Stone Editon apparel range. This design is simplistic, captivating and eerie. The black and radiant gold colorway featured in this design breathes light and life into the design making it truly magical and gives the artwork a glow that seems like it is glowing in comparison and contrast to a dark night sky.

Thor was considered to be the physically strongest God of all of the Norse Gods or in correct Norse terminology the strongest in the Aesir which is a collective term, referring to the Norse Gods who ruled over all the realms and Mortals in Asgard.

Thor is the son of Odin and the Earth Goddess Jord. It is believed that Thor's popularity even surpassed his father Odin who was King of the Norse Gods and Thor was known to be a likeable character and a protector of the mortals and Gods alike.

This design features an array of runes that the artist has translated for your convenience: 

Dró djarfliga
dáðrakkr Þórr
orm eitrfáan
upp at borði;
hamri kníði
háfjall skarar
ofljótt ofan
ulfs hnitbróður.

The venomous serpent | swiftly up
To the boat did Thor, | the bold one, pull;
With his hammer the loathly | hill of the hair
Of the brother of Fenrir | he smote from above.

En er þú drakt af horninu ok þótti þér seint líða,
en þat veit trúa mín at þá varð þat undr er ek munda eigi trúa at vera mætti.
Annarr endir hornsins var út í hafi, en þat sáttu eigi.
En nú er þú kemr til sjávarins, þá muntu sjá mega hvern þurð þú hefir drukkit á sænum.

When you drank of the horn and the liquor seemed to get lower so slowly, you did, indeed,
so well that had I not seen it, I should never have believed it.
You did not see that one end of the horn was in the sea,
but when you come to the shore you will see how much the sea has shrunk in consequence of your draughts


Bindrune consisting of the Elder Furthark: 
Runes of THOR, Thurisaz, Tiwaz, Hagalaz, Othala and Raidho

The magnificent artwork showcased on this apparel range was created by the talented @ilcorvoart here's a little more on the artist behind this incredible range. 

"It's difficult to describe exactly what I do because I love to change and experiment on new things: My journey started off as a self-taught cartography illustrator and with learning simple 3D modeling skills; I have now worked on book illustrations, video-games, tabletop games and minis, 3D modeling and printing, linocut and wood carving, cosplay and a lot more!

Despite my love for the steampunk and cyberpunk genres, my main inspiration has always been Norse mythology, Wiccan magic and above all the horror stories of Edgar Allan Poe, H.P. Lovecraft and Edward Gorey. With all those key elements in mind, I like to try and hide as many details as I possibly can in my illustrations in order to create something that tells a story."- Corvo

We hope you love this range just as much as we do! 
- Lunafide Team 🖤

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