Artwork Explained: Ravens of Midgard

Artwork Explained: Ravens of Midgard

This week we launched the brand new and very exciting, Norse Mythology inspired Ravens of Midgard collection. We are extremely proud of this phenomenal artwork because it celebrates and channels both of Odin's divine Ravens in a creative and meaningful way. The artwork is balanced and harmonious while the subtle yin yang two tone effect adds a stylish twist to the apparel range while also artistically adding an even deeper meaning to the artwork lovingly printed on our clothing. We will be unveiling the artworks deeper meaning below.

The artwork is based on and depicts Huginn and Muninn a pair of Ravens that fly all over Midgard or better known today as Earth and all the nine realms and then collects and brings important information to Odin. Odin surveys the world from Hlidskjalf which is his special high seat that allows him to see all that is happening in the nine realms. In the evenings, Huginn and Muninn return to Odin’s shoulders and during dinner in Valhalla, they whisper all they have seen and heard in his ears.

Huginn and Muninn are not average birds, they have the ability to fly through all nine realms in one day and still manage to arrive in time for Odin's dinner in the evening. They also understand and speak human languages and are extremely wise and have amazing observation skills. Huginn is said to represent thought while Muninn represents memory.  

In Norse mythology, a raven plays an additional or rather double role as a sign of good or a sign of evil. This is where the deeper meaning of the artwork comes to the forefront. The two tone, yin yang colour way creatively represents the balance between the good and the evil of Huginn and Muninn and suggests that opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent.

On the back of this apparel ranges hoodies, sweaters and shirts there is a depiction of Muninn with his wings spreadeagled. This depiction is inspired by a quote by Odin where he anxiously awaits the return of his beloved advisors and suggests that Muninn is the favoured between the two Ravens, the quote states: "Each day set forth to fly; For Huginn I fear lest he come not home, But for Muninn my care is more."

We really hope you love this collection and artwork just as much as we do.

-Lunafide Team <3

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I got a blanket and cloak so awesome I love them awesome so warm and comfortable and have gotten so many compliments and I live in Ohio and I let everyone know who what when and where.

B. W.

I found this same design in another company where one is blue and the other is silver. Just wanted you to know someone is using this design. Will only buy from original artist.

Deborah Weber

I would like to get the Ravens if possible

Warren Sheakley

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