Artwork Explained: Ragnar

Artwork Explained: Ragnar

This week we are super excited to be releasing the incredible Ragnar apparel range, inspired by the legendary quintessential Viking hero and warrior, Ragnar Lothbrok! This range went above and beyond our expectations and has absolutely blown us away! Let's now explore the story behind our latest work of wearable art. 

Ragnar was a fearsome king of Denmark and Sweden and a Viking warrior who was made "immortal" through Icelandic sagas and Norse poetry, in Modern times his name still lives on thanks to shows like Vikings and other popular culture. It was told that Ragnar fought gigantic serpents, led many armies into battle, conquered big parts of Scandinavia and started the invasion of the British Isles.

Ragnar had 3 wives including Lagertha who was a viking shield maiden who would fight alongside Ragnar, Thora who he impressed after killing the giant serpent and Aslaug who was a daughter of Sigurd the Volsung. Ragnar had 8 sons with these wives including Björn Ironside, Ivor the boneless, Sigurd snake in the eye, Ubba, Halfdan Ragnarsson and more, many of Ragnar's sons were also major warriors and let their father's name live on thanks to their own adventures. 

Ragnar had a brave yet harrowing death, the king of Northumbria was determined to put his viking enemy to death but it was told no ordinary weapons could kill him so it was said that he was thrown in a pit of snakes and had a brave death reminiscing on his many feats, and looked forward to feasting in Valhalla. Ragnar's sons however took revenge by defeating Northumbria and ultimately slaying the king. 

This incredible range was designed by the talented Michael Canada, we can't wait to bring you many more show stopping designs! 

- Lunafide Team. 💛


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