Artwork Explained: Ophiotaurus

Artwork Explained: Ophiotaurus

We are so stoked to be dropping the incredible Ophiotaurus apparel range this week. We know you guys love all things mythology just as much as we do and this week's drop did not cut any corners when bringing all the mythological heat. Inspired by an incredible Roman-Greco monster and designed by the insanely talented Karol Michalec, let's explore the artist and the artwork behind the incredible Ophiotaurus apparel range. 

The name Ophiotaurus quite literally means serpent-bull, the name certainly does a great job at describing this creature because it quite literally is a half serpent and half bull. The exclusive reference to this incredible bull was in a Roman Poem that states that the Ophiotaurus' entrails if burnt would grant the power to defeat the Gods by whomever burned them. 

The Ophiotaurus was put to the sword by an ally of the Titans in the Titanomachy which was a series of battles fought for 10 years in Thessaly. The Ophiotaurus' entrails were however recovered by an eagle sent by Zeus before they could be burnt. There are some tales told that the Ophiotaurus was placed in the sky as a constellation. 

Meet the Artist: 

My work often includes decorative patterns calling back to eras of humanity's greatest societies - ancient, mysterious, mythical and rich in not just visual language but secrecy. Spells, knotwork, magical symbols and runes being some of the elements I reach for; creating a visual feast that's highly elaborate and intricate. A single drawing can take days to finish! -Karol

We hope you love this wearable work of art just as much as we do! 

-Lunafide Team 💛

Ophiotaurus Gallery Image
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