Artwork Explained: Opala

Artwork Explained: Opala

Introducing our brand new Opala apparel range! The striking, bold and intricate artwork featured in this apparel range has been curated by Karol Michalec. Karol is an exceptionally talented artist residing in the UK.

Karol is a diverse artist who has a wild imagination and an extremely steady hand. He breathes life into every element of his designs with his precise technique, and his uncanny ability to bring a simple concept to life.

We really enjoyed working with Karol on this piece and you can see how much he enjoyed curating this design by the level of depth and detail showcased in the design. Here's his inspiration for our our newest work of wearable art! 

The word Opala literally means "The Heritage".
Just as the ancient text of Edda Norse Saga flow the runes from older to younger, generations of stories told, retold and forgotten. Written in the stone to mark what was and what will be. 

The artwork is inspired by the beauty of Runic alphabet, with Icelandic sagas translated into cyclical and horizontal graphic panels, colour of blood on the cold snow white reflects the passion, fight and hardship of the long forgotten heroes of the North. - Karol 

We hope you love this range as much as we do! 

- Lunafide Team 🖤
Opala Gallery Image
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