Artwork Explained: Norse Beasts

Artwork Explained: Norse Beasts


We are thrilled to announce the launch of the striking new Norse Beasts Range by Ilcorvo.

In his gripping artwork, this extraordinary artist captures the dark and light forces of the most honored and dreaded creatures by the Vikings.

Stained in midnight black with thick, swirling strokes of bright white, these designs are impossible to tear your eyes off of.

As an effect, you can strongly feel the invincible energy of these mystic animals, especially when you wear the apparel. 


Bjorn - the Bear

Odin and Thor often shape-shift into a bear to visit Midgard, the human world.

The bear signifies wisdom, strength, healing, and balance between the Nine Worlds.

In the Viking age, they regarded bears as powerful spirits, both to be feared and respected. 



Fenrir the Giant Wolf God 

Fenrir, the Giant Wolf God, son of the trickster God Loki, and bound by the Gods, is a threat to Odin. Generally, the wolf symbolizes ferocity, savagery, and strength.

However, wolves carry both positive and negative symbolism. The Norse associate the wolf with chaos and destruction.

On the other hand, they also represent loyalty and wisdom. 

Norse tribes often wore wolf skins as an emblem of power. These fearsome warriors were called the Ulfhednar.


Sleipnir the Horse

Vikings view horses as transporters‌ between life and death, and the Nine Worlds. Most importantly, the eight-legged Sleipner is.Odin's favorite horse. 

Odin rides Sleipnir throughout the nine worlds at speeds unmatched by any other horses. Lastly, his noble steed carries him into the final battle at Ragnarok.

Shop this savage Norse Beasts Range today or read about the meaning behind the Eagle - Limited Edition Artwork. 


-Lunafide 🖤 

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