Artwork Explained: Night Flyer

Artwork Explained: Night Flyer

This week we are dropping the exciting new Night Flyer apparel range. A few weeks ago we dropped our first ever surrealism inspired piece the Vortex apparel range and today we are bringing you the 2nd surrealism design, created by the exceptionally talented Fulton Hobbs, the Night Flyer apparel range! Let's explore the story behind the Night Flyer apparel range. 

Surrealism is often described as the most influential art movements of the twentieth century. From mind boggling tidbits and things being displayed simply where it should not, often always have a hidden meaning which is usually a play on human nature, desire and how the mind works. Surrealist artists create a dreamlike state of mind while awake, and express it through their art. 

The irony of this design is that owls only hunt and fly at night and spotting a owl during the daytime is a rare occurrence and has a interesting and deeper meaning.The Night Flyer design depicts an owl flying out of a sunset landscape (representing night time the owl's usual landscape) and into the daylight. What this represents in a surrealism setting is that witnessing an owl flying in the daylight means that you may have something to learn and the individual paying witness to the sight has some sort of knowledge and enlightenment coming to them or that there is something they must learn. It represents understanding and growing in awareness of the world and seeing it for what it is. 

The owl flying from the start of an evening and into the daylight represents moving from the comfort and normality of the dark and into the light of day, representing the witness's enlightenment and moving from not understanding to understanding.

We hope you love this design just as much as we do! 

- Lunafide Team 

Night Flyer Gallery Image
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Wow they are beautiful and very meaningful. I cant wait to get some clothing

Marsha Sutherland

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