Artwork Explained: Morrigan

Artwork Explained: Morrigan

This week we launched the eerie and captivating Celtic inspired Morrigan apparel range. This collection has been created exclusively for Lunafide by Miljenko Šipuš. Miljenko is an extremely talented artist that has a knack for intricate knotwork and for creating designs that look and feel 3 dimensional with incredible detail and depth. This design so beautifully captures the eerie “Phantom Queen” and her fearsome beauty, let’s explore more about the story behind the Celtic Goddess who inspired this incredible design.

Morrigan was the Celtic Goddess of death and destiny. It was said that Morrigan also had the ability to predict the outcomes of battle and who would be the great victors and who would be the defeated and would therefore appear before great battles as the Goddess of fate. Morrigan would also then offer prophecy and favour to the great victors, heroes and Gods especially to her husband Dagda who came to her for prophecy before major battles. Morrigan as the Phantom Queen would circle battlefields as an unkindness of ravens and would collect the fallen soldiers. Morrigan was exceptionally powerful and was considered one Goddess and three goddesses all at the same time, made up of the most powerful Celtic Goddesses. 

As the all knowing Goddess of fate Morrigan saw the fate and future of everything, even the end of the world. Morrigan would share her knowledge from time to time but always for a price, often too big to pay. Morrigan would appear only to certain royalty and warriors and these were who she ultimately favoured in battle. Morrigan was a shapeshifter and took many different forms such as a curvaceous maiden, a queen geared for battle, and old crone but most frequently as a raven. It is said that she preferred this form because of ravens' ever presence and prominence at battle fields.  

It was all of these characteristics and attributes of the powerful and all knowing Morrigan that inspired the collection. On the front of the hoodies, the sweaters, and shirts there is a depiction of Morrigan in her raven form that she would appear with in battle. The raven morrigan is intricately designed in Celtic knotwork true to the origins of the Phantom Queen of Ireland. On the sleeves of the tops and on the leggings, shorts and boardshorts is a full bodied Celtic knotwork depiction of Morrigan in another one of her favoured forms as a Queen geared up for battle. Finally featured on the back of the tops and on the blankets there is a depiction of Morrigan in her true form as Goddess of war.

We hope you love this breathtaking collection just as much as we do! We can’t wait to bring you so many more show stopping designs. Drop a comment below and let us know what you think about this extraordinary range.

-Lunafide Team <3

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