Artwork Explained: Mantra

Artwork Explained: Mantra

Introducing the awe-inspiring Chakra inspired Mantra apparel range. Designed by the incredibly talented Pyros. This design features the most detailed Paisley and Mandala pattern work and illuminated by pops of Chakra colours. Let's explore the meaning and the artist behind this weeks work of wearable art. 

Chakras have only recently become popular and more understood thanks to the popularisation of the practice of yoga. The Chakras are a complicated energy system that was originally discovered in India. Chakras have been around for a really long time and were first spoken of in the ancient sacred texts of spiritual knowledge.

The word Chakra literally means "wheel" and refer to energy spheres within the human body. 

These include: 
Red: Based at the root of ones spine and relates to identity and grounding. 

Orange: Based just below the belly button and relates to pleasure and creativity. 

Yellow: Located in the stomach area and relates to confidence.

Green: Just above the heart, relating to love and compassion.

Blue: Located in the throat, relating to communication. 

Purple: Between the eyes relating to intuition and imagination. 

This design beautifully illustrates how all of the Chakras need to be aligned and working cohesively in order to bring balance and alignment in one's life. 

Meet the artist behind this incredible range, the talented Pyros: 

"I am extremely fascinated with culture, history, art and occult symbolism and their relationship with art. It was this fascination and passion that drove me to studying theology and also fine art. I make sure that every work of art that I create is inspired by a mythological story, character or symbol that intrigues and inspires me.

I spend most of my time researching and planning designs through reading mythological history books and articles in order to understand the story from many different perspectives and create art that brings the story to life.

I consider myself a unique person with a complex personality. I meditate, read tarot cards, observe science, and read lot's of books.  I try to make sure that the person observing my art feels this complex personality, and understand's my vision and unique perspective.I also try to take my obsession with ancient art and revive them with a fresh look that is still historically correct to create something that we can all appreciate."- Pyros 

We hope you love this range just as much as we do. 

-Lunafide Team 💛 

Mantra Apparel Range
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It is nice to see people taking artistic quality in this way. I love it!!! ❤️

Nate Ramirez

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