Artwork Explained: Loki's Children

Artwork Explained: Loki's Children

This week we are super excited to be releasing yet another incredible work of wearable art, the Loki's Children apparel range, inspired by Loki's fearsome children in Norse Mythology. This extraordinary work of wearable art features a custom design created by the insanely talented @thesaxonstoryteller. Let's learn more about the artist and story behind our latest range. 

Loki was a trickster God who was considered not to be good or evil who had the ability to change his shape and sex. Although Loki's father was a giant Loki was still included in the Aesir.

Loki was portrayed as a companion of the great Gods such as Odin and Thor and aided them with clever plans but also caused a lot of difficulty and embarrassment for them and got himself in tricky situations. Loki was also considered an enemy to the gods, attending events uninvited and demanding their drink. 

Although Loki is considered a major villain in Norse mythology, it is actually Loki's children who were some of the most terrifying characters in viking mythology.

The children Loki had with the giantess were Fenrir the terrifying wolf, Jormangandr the great serpent, and Hel the goddess of death and queen of Niflheim.

These children were feared by the Aesir Gods and were also prophesied to be the cause of their destruction, the Ragnarok.

Loki had other children with his Aesir wife Sigyn, Narfi and Vali but unlike the other children these children were destined to pay for their father's mistakes.

Loki also had one final child with the great stallion Svathlifari, an eight-legged horse named Sleipnir which he mothered when he turned himself into a mare. 

The Saxon Storyteller is an illustrator and artist renowned for his incredibly unique talent to capture characters from inspiration taken from artefacts and historical figures in an artistic form.

His artwork is mostly based on Folklore, Viking and Saxon mythology. You may also recognise The Saxon Story Teller's artwork from the Nordic Mythology podcast of which he is the main illustrator.

- Lunafide Team 🖤

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