Artwork Explained: Kraken

Artwork Explained: Kraken

Today we are taking it back to one of our classics, The Kraken apparel range. This design has been well loved by you all and we thought it would be a good time to explore the artist and the inspiration behind the Kraken apparel range. This range was designed by the super talented Joe Tamponi.

Joe is an Italian designer who has a passion for Skateboarding, punk rock and small waves. He has a unique style as an artist that gives him the ability to play with colour, fine detail, light and spacing. He uses colour and light in a creative way that gives his artwork pops of light and a glowing effect, much like the Krakens glowing eyes and suckers in The kraken apparel range.

The Kraken is a large sea monster which was almost always depicted as a massive octopus or squid-like creature with eight tentacles, originating in Nordic folklore. The Kraken was said to terrorise the seas from Norway, Iceland and all the way to Greenland.

The Kraken had a particular passion for destroying ships and many say that it would attack the vessels with its massive tentacles. Sometimes the massive beast would even swim in circles and suck ships down under the depths. The monster was said to be able to devour an entire ship's crew at once. Although the monster was terrifying and had a taste for human flesh it did also bring massive schools of fish which brave fishermen could benefit from. 

We hope you enjoyed being thrown back to one of our classic and loved collections this week, we can't wait to bring you so many more show stopping designs! 

- Lunafide Team 💛 

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