Artwork Explained: Knight

Artwork Explained: Knight

This week we are dropping the Crusader inspired Knight apparel range! This incredible range was designed exclusively for Lunafide by the talented Max Popov! Max put a lot of detail into the design in order to deliver a knight inspired apparel range like you have never seen before! Let's explore the artist and the story behind this all new collection! 

Max the artist received his art education back in the Soviet Union, but is mostly a self-taught artist. "I have many professions from carpentry to 3D modeling.  I am fond of Scandinavia and the Viking Age, I draw most of my inspiration from this.  Most of the time I spend in my tattoo studio and bone carving workshop, since the meaning of life is creativity."-Max 

The word Knight translates directly to "servant" ; this reigns true as a Knights job was to serve royals and kings as soldiers and carriers of justice and Knights would eventually take on the job of protecting pilgrims who did not have the power to protect themselves during the crusades. 

A knights training regime was long and painful and would start at the tender age of seven and there on lasted fourteen long, whole years! An eligible knight candidate would usually start off as a page boy, the page boys training would revolve around sports and playing with maces and focusing on horsemanship. At the age of fourteen the page boy would become a squire if he was still a valid candidate where he would assist the knights including cleaning and maintaining their weapons and armor. Finally at 21 if the boy was still eligible he would become a knight. 

The most recognisable symbol of a knight would be his armor. As seen in the artwork showcased in this apparel range it was a suit of steel attached together with leather buckles. Each suit had to be customised to the individual wearer in order to allow the wearer freedom of movement. These structures were complicated and heavy. 

We hope you enjoyed learning more about the artist and about the knights that inspired this apparel range! We can't wait to bring you many more show stopping designs! 

-Lunafide Team <3

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