Artwork Explained: Khnum Limited Edition

Artwork Explained: Khnum Limited Edition

Introducing the eerie and mysterious Khnum-Limited Edition apparel range! This Egyptian inspired apparel range features the most fascinating visuals and colors that will take you on a journey to ancient Egypt in a modern and aesthetically pleasing way. This range has been designed by the extremely talented artist Pyros. Let's learn more about this wearable masterpiece. 

Khnum was the ancient Egyptian creator of humankind and God of fertility, water and procreation in ancient Egyptian mythology. Khnum was depicted as a ram with twisted horns and also as a male human with the head of a ram and twisted horns. The story goes that Khnum created humankind from clay.

Khnum is often depicted with a potter's wheel and with human hands so that he could use this wheel to create each human. It's told that not only did Khnum craft their physical bodies but also their individual spirits and could bless humans with the gift of good health. 

Ancient Egyptians believed that Khnum also created other Egyptian Gods that came after him on his potter's wheel and that he also created the first egg on his potter's wheel and the specific egg that the sun came from. The sun was exceptionally sacred in ancient Egyptian mythology.

This apparel range depicts an artistic and intricate version of Khnum holding a sceptre in one hand and an Ankh in the other which is how he is often depicted. The background features intricate hieroglyphics and the design also depicts Ra the sun god when Khnum guided Ra on his journey through the afterlife.

We hope you love this range just as much as we do! 

-Lunafide Team 💛

Khnum Limited Edition Gallery Image
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