Artwork Explained: Kaleidoscope

Artwork Explained: Kaleidoscope

Introducing the absolutely incredible psychedelic-inspired Kaleidoscope apparel range this incredible work of wearable art was created by the talented artist @KE_visuals. The artwork consists of a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns coming together to create a feminine being, this work of art is abstract yet extremely beautiful. Let's explore the inspiration and artist behind this week's drop. 

Meet the artist who created the Kaleidoscope apparel range @KE_visuals. @KE_Visuals is a 3D artist and animator with a huge interest and passion for capturing psychedelic realms. @KE_Visuals loves the colors and patterns and is driven by the philosophy of connectedness and the idea that everything is connected whether that be a connection to oneself, others, nature or the rest of the world. @KE_Visuals creates art that represents this connection and bases it on the principle that every individual person or organism has a purpose on our beautiful planet.

The word psychedelic literally means mind manifesting and this is so fitting for this art form because it is truly a manifestation of someone's mind and thoughts. The beauty of psychedelic art and the art featured in this range lies within its abstract nature. The patterns, the designs, the bold color palettes and abundance of emotion and experiences that the artwork represents and conveys. Psychedelic art is a symbol and simulation of visions, illusions and hallucinations fuelled by an altered state of consciousness. This art form is a look into the mind and the psyche of its creator and that is what makes it so special. This range is a look into the incredible imagination of the artist @KE_visuals.  

Art is a tool that an artist uses in order to convey their innermost feelings, visions and their imagination without having to say a single word and that is what makes art so special. It is like a look into someone else's thoughts and taking a step in their shoes even just for a moment. 

We hope you love this range just as much as we do! 

- Lunafide Team 💛

Kaleidoscope Gallery Image
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