Artwork Explained: Inca

Artwork Explained: Inca

Introducing our exciting last design release for 2022! We decided to close this amazing and inspired year off with a striking yet beautifully executed apparel range, the Inca Collection, designed by the insanely talented Pyros! We haven't launched a bold patterned design in a while and many of you have been begging us for a fresh launch. With extraordinary patterns and intricate details this design will not disappoint! 

Inspired by the bold colours and art found in the ancient South American, Inca empire that extended along the Pacific coast and Andean highlands from the northern border of modern Ecuador to the Maule River in central Chile. 

Textiles were of extremely high value and very prized within the Inca empire. Textiles and fabrics were different according to status and hierarchy in the empire.
The Ancient Inca Natives often sported tunics that were beautifully weaved with shapes and colours that came together and created their signature pattern work. The background of this collection celebrates these ancients fabrics. 

Many of their art and metal work portrayed depictions of the Sun God Inti,
 in Inca culture, the sun god was believed to be the ancestor of the Incas themselves. The sun itself was also extremely important to them. They dedicated ceremonies to the sun in order to ensure their welfare. It was also very important to them because the sun was necessary for farming and they believed the sun to cause rain. This is what inspired the circular sun inspired artwork seen on the chests.

We hope you love this range just as much as we do! We can't wait to bring you so many more show stopping designs in 2022! 

-Lunafide Team <3
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