Artwork Explained: Helm of Disguise

Artwork Explained: Helm of Disguise

Step into the realm of Icelandic magic with our Hulinhjalmur inspired Helm of Disguise apparel range.

The Hulinhjalmur, also known as the Helm of Disguise, is a powerful Icelandic Magical Stave known for its protective qualities. Believed to render its wearer invisible, the stave was used by warriors in times of battle to shield themselves from harm and move undetected. The intricate design of the Hulinhjalmur has inspired this range and is a tribute to the magic and mystery it embodies.

According to Icelandic legends, the Hulinhjalmur was a symbol of not just protection but also courage and bravery. Warriors would etch the stave onto their shields or wear it as an amulet to invoke the magical powers during battles. The Hulinhjalmur Helm of Disguise Apparel Range invites you to embrace this legacy and channel the spirit of those who sought protection and strength from this mystical symbol.

Designed by our talented team of artists, the Hulinhjalmur Helm of Disguise Apparel Range is not just clothing; it's a wearable masterpiece that seamlessly blends ancient Icelandic mysticism with contemporary style. The fusion of tradition and modernity creates a unique and captivating aesthetic that sets this range apart.

We invite you to explore and embrace the magic of the Hulinhjalmur Helm of Disguise Apparel Range. Whether you're drawn to the rich history, the symbolic power, or the stunning design, there's something for everyone in this collection. Step into the realm of Icelandic mysticism and let the Hulinhjalmur inspire your style journey.

We hope you love this range as much as we do! 

- Lunafide Team 🖤

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    Chaos refined..beautiful

    Allen Miller

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