Artwork Explained: Hellfire

Artwork Explained: Hellfire

Just in ladies and gentlemen! Our latest collection the incredible Hellfire apparel range! This range is something a little different and that is exactly what we like about it! It's wacky and wonderful and everything in between! Let's learn more about the incredible Hellfire range, the inspiration behind it and the incredible artist who created it for us! 

Meet the artist:Sasha Korenev:
Sasha is a super talented pattern maker, graphic designer and artist originating from Odessa Ukraine. Sasha's art style is a blend of dark humour, character design and bold colours. Sasha's main inspiration references a 1930's rubberhose style retro cartoon style with a touch of new school badass. Sasha is also a pioneer in the sticker bombing art style community and she gave us an incredible throwback to her earlier sticker bombing effect in a way unlike ever seen before in this very design.

Sasha states that the design features a series of funny devils with whom something is going wrong. She says she tried to play around with the situations in which each of us have at least once found ourselves in once before and translate it into the design. We are talking about falls (both mental and physical). Sasha says when playing on such a difficult topic, she wanted to showcase it in a fun and simple way.

In Sasha's own words: "You fell? No big deal, you will rise! Confused about yourself? It happens! No problem. Remember that even the worst of times in your life will pass and everything will be different." This is what we love about what we do here at Lunafide! Our artists seriously pour their hearts and souls into these designs and it fills what we do with purpose. We never just want to just be another clothing brand, we want to celebrate people, artists and their passions. 

We hope you love this range just as much as we do! 

-Lunafide Team <3
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