Artwork Explained: Harmony Limited

Artwork Explained: Harmony Limited

Introducing the awe-inspiring Harmony apparel range. A celebration of the elements and an ode to the harmony and balance of Man the microsm, and the universe the macrocosm. 

Most of the design elements are inspired by 16th century flawed hermeneutic science, which was an understanding of how the universe worked back then. The triangle on the front is called Divine Harmony, a representation of the microcosm and macrocosm according to the hermetic and cabalistic teachings.

The centre circle is a representation of the art of combination and also the Diagram of the macrocosm. On the sleeve is the diagram of the philosopher's stone and represents a “Pythagorean '' or rather Copernican universe, in which Man is located between the celestial and elemental spheres which revolves around a solar God.

The rudiments of alchemy: sulfur, stones, plants, metals, salt stand above the primeval chaos and the infernal fire. They are elevated by mercury, which points directly towards the divine. This is evidently a spiritual as well as a natural representation of how the universe was believed to work.

This work of wearable art was created by the talent Pyros, Learn more about him below. 

I am extremely fascinated with culture, history, art and occult symbolism and their relationship with art. It was this fascination and passion that drove me to studying theology and also fine art. I make sure that every work of art that I create is inspired by a mythological story, character or symbol that intrigues and inspires me. I spend most of my time researching and planning designs through reading mythological history books and articles in order to understand the story from many different perspectives and create art that brings the story to life. I consider myself a unique person with a complex personality.

We hope you love this range as much as we do! 

- Lunafide Team 🖤

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