Artwork Explained: Hand of Tyr

Artwork Explained: Hand of Tyr

This week we launched the all new and exciting, Hand of Tyr collection. This collection seamlessly channels old Norse mythology and modern day style. The artist, Bastien Henry who can be found on instagram @noromaor did an amazing job of telling a story with a deeper meaning through the artwork lovingly printed onto our clothing and we are so excited to reveal the explanation of this artwork to you below.

The artwork has been inspired by the mythological tale of the binding of Fenrir. The gigantic and terrible wolf who was the son of Loki and raised by the Gods in Asgard. Fenrir however grew too large, too great and had an insatiable appetite. This was when the Gods decided to bind him. 

Tyr was the ancient God of war and justice and the law giver of the Gods, he was also considered the bravest and most courageous God of them all. Tyr decided to adopt Fenrir because he did not have a pet and Odin had many. Tyr raised Fenrir but he grew too strong, too large and too aggressive and could no longer stay in Asgard but could also not roam free because he would wreak havoc. The Gods tried countless methods of trying to bind Fenrir but no magical chain could constrain him. 

Odin and Tyr consulted the dwarves to forge something that could constrain Fenrir because nothing forged by the Gods magic could contain him as he was the son of Loki and immune to their magics. The dwarves then forged a single magical silk ribbon which was named Gleipnir. 

Fenrir could however smell magic in Gleipnir and sensed trickery and refused to be bound unless one of the gods put their hand in his mouth and swore an oath to free him if he could not escape. Everyone went still at this moment because breaking an oath would be a big deal. The brave Tyr however stepped up because even though he would lose his Kingship for breaking an oath, he knew it would be the right thing to do. 

When Tyr put Glenipnir on Fenrir, Tyr had his hand trapped in Fenrir's jaws and as Fenrir discovered he couldn’t break free he asked Tyr to free him and when Tyr did not free him, Fenrir ripped off Tyr’s hand. Tyr took the loss of his hand with pride and cried that he lost his friendship with Fenrir and stepped down as king due to his betrayal. This was when Odin's reign as King of the Gods began. 

The story can be seen portrayed in the knot work and dot work of the  artwork with the hand of Tyr, in the jaws of Fenrir, The one armed Tyr wielding the bound fenrir and also with the depictions of Fenrir bound with ropes. We hope you love this collection as much as we do.

-Lunafide Team <3

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