Artwork Explained: Geri and Freki

Artwork Explained: Geri and Freki

This week we are launching the brand new Norse inspired Geri & Freki apparel range. This collection features artwork composed of fine line work and intricate details that produces seamless shapes and pictures, which flow together to tell a unique story. A story of Odin, the creation of the world and the fierce creatures Odin created to keep him company during this time. This ancient story is extremely fascinating and it gives us great pleasure to unveil the story that inspired this magnificent collection.

It is said that after Odin and his brothers created the world he became exceptionally lonely traveling all by himself and decided to create himself two companion wolves. The very first of their kind named Geri and Freki. The meaning of the names both mean the ravenous or the greedy one. Odin and these wolves became very close and traveled all over Midgard or Earth and Geri and Freki populated Midgard with their offspring.

Geri and Freki often battled to hunt on Midgard and had difficulty finding prey. It was then that Odin created the legendary ravens Huginn and Muninn in order to help them find their prey and out of gratuity to the ravens the wolves shared their own hunting skills with Huginn and Muninn. This is extremely interesting because even today ravens and wolves can often be seen in close proximity to one another and actually work in a similar method in the wild. Check out our collections inspired by these incredible ravens including the Muninn collection, the Huginn collection and the Ravens of Midgard collection. 

With time Odin then created the very first humans and told them to learn from Geri and Freki including how to care for their families, hunt and also defend themselves. This is extremely interesting considering such an ancient story shows that the bond between humans and canines was already instilled even back then. It is also said that Odin fathered children with wolves that were hybrid half human, half wolf creatures called Wulfsangs, and they were said to be incredible warriors. 

The front of the hoodies, shirts and sweaters display a depiction of Geri and Freki as well as a depiction of Odin’s horns; this is a representation of the connection between Odin and the wolves. The back of the design also features a depiction of Odin’s horns with hidden symbols and pictures integrated into the pattern work. On the sleeves of the collection as well as on the leggings, joggers and shorts there is a depiction of Huginn and Muninn that symbolises the partnership between the ravens and the wolves.

We hope you love this collection just as much as we do and we can’t wait to bring you so many more show stopping designs!

-Lunafide Team <3

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