Artwork Explained: Geisha

Artwork Explained: Geisha

The all new Japanese inspired Geisha Apparel range is dropping on Lunafide this week! This vibrant and electric NeoJapanese design was designed for Lunafide by very talented HALnoHANA, born in Aomori-Ken and now residing in Osaka, she passes her time doing what she loves, making art and breathing modern Japanese colour, vibrance and style into traditional Japanese concepts such as Koi, Geishas, Dragons, Serpents and more. Let's explore the story behind this wearable work of art and the mysterious Geisha girls that inspired it. 

The main element of this design is centred around a Neo-Japanese Geisha. The word Geisha directly translates to person of the arts. This is fascinating considering that Geishas are such an iconic symbol of Japanese art and their dedication to tradition, elegance and etiquette. The Geisha profession is a very mysterious industry, sometimes resembling more of a secret society than a profession.

Geisha businesses are run exclusively by women and spending time with a Geisha or training to become a Geisha is exceptionally expensive. Some interesting facts about Geishas include that their time was measured traditionally by the amount of incense sticks burned during their performances and not necessarily by a clock, it takes up to 2 hours for a Geisha to get ready every day and that their full Kimonos can weigh up to 20 kilograms. Geishas are the epitome of perseverance, elegance and discipline. 

The design also includes depictions of Neo-Japanese Koi Fish. Koi fish in Japanese culture are considered a symbol of good luck and fortune and are also associated with strength in adversity and strength of purpose. Koi fish swim upstream against rough currents and do so gracefully and therefore they are also considered a symbol of overcoming adversity and difficult situations. This all comes together to showcase the beauty and strength that is translated throughout Japanese art and culture. 

We hope you love this wearable work of art, we can't wait to bring you so many more show stopping designs! 

-Lunafide Team <3


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